Version v0.10.0-7-20180123 is a maintenance release; the main change was to add semihosting support for RISC-V targets.

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  • rework the semihosting support
  • remove dependency from ARM specific structures and make semihosting code standalone
  • add 64-bit support


To activate semihosting, use:

arm semihosting enable

The Eclipse OpenOCD debug plug-in has a check button in the Startup tab.

To pass command line options to the target application:

arm semihosting_cmdline argv0 argv1 argv2 argv3 ...

In the Eclipse OpenOCD debug plug-in, add the command prefixed with monitor:


Differences from RISC-V releases

  • some of the remote_bitbang.c patches were reversed
  • some of the additional GDB error processing were reversed, since they affect not RISC-V targets.

Known problems

  • none

Build notes

The build environment uses CentOS 6 Docker containers.


Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are provided.

Easy install

OpenOCD is also available as an xPack and can be conveniently installed with xpm:

xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd@0.10.0-7.1

To install the latest version available, use:

xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/openocd


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

c90f2d64d6ee7a32ccad1afc47c9f3376745e3de1fb933adef528be84da48ff0 ?

60c9792fd2959348553d825bed608198b5221548f0a3e58f79525082bd9520a5 ?

5f35ff7cf1db7a342f4347ffedd799e462ab94a69f91e39b09f883212d341cf2 ?

a6a5597cd20613ff0b7f1f5ae87ff3da5194a9712abf409406817a6837c65654 ?

a9831431aadf274e47a4e3fdf8b6f201a6d9dc32318bdcf2e256d4a41aa104ac ?