Version v7.2.0-3-20180506 is a maintenance release of GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC; it updates to the latest RISC-V sources and the build process was improved, to add gdb-py and to support even older GNU/Linux machines and processors.

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All GNU MCU Eclipse RISC-V Embedded GCC releases are based on the official RISC-V source files maintained by SiFive.

By the date of this release, the riscv-gcc-7.3.0 branch is not yet stable, thus the current version is still based on GCC 7.2, using the following commits:


All architectures, ABIs and libraries supported by the riscv64-unknown-elf toolchain are also supported, with the following improvements:

  • a newer newlib was included, which supports the ‘underscore’ syscall functions
  • the mandatory reference to libgloss in the linker configuration was removed
  • the march=rv32imaf/mabi=ilp32f library was added to the list of multi-libs
  • support for newlib-nano was added
  • the standard documentation, in PDF and HTML, was added


Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are provided.

The GNU/Linux binaries were built on two CentOS 6 Docker images (32/64-bit), and run on any distribution based on CentOS 6 or later.

The Windows binaries were built with mingw-w64, and run on any reasonably recent i686 and x86_64 Windows machines.

Instructions on how to install the binaries are available in the How to install the RISC-V toolchain? page.

The toolchain is also available as an xPack and can be conveniently installed with xpm:

xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/riscv-none-gcc

This installs the latest available version.

For better control and repeatability, the build scripts use Docker containers; all files required during builds are available as a separate gnu-mcu-eclipse/riscv-none-gcc-build project.

Known problems

  • due to a missing option in the build script, the libraries are not functional for 64-bit devices, the build fails (fixed in 7.2.0-4):
locale.c:(.text.__locale_ctype_ptr+0x8): relocation truncated to fit: R_RISCV_HI20 against `.LANCHOR0'
  • the libnosys library does not export the correct underscore symbols.


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

fdb6ab5badd0820e0562c288b1ec88566f8589f5fa26d81a0f57a2b95213d0cc ?

dd6985729df5c2182cc5ce699013146b4addc80cbe231a7b62ec89d095e81aca ?

5e10320563e49dd31a33a032496547375d0e07191df727d393e26daa14d3f526 ?

737f95fb3129b0e7f67c48fea39b844f574c379768bd0ea5088a6e976f8f7b14 ?

98ac277287d8c51cc1c5f83a5a9945951bd8d5806b4570b41eea2c306e141a3b ?