Version 2.8.0-4-20190211 is a maintenance release, to fix a bug in the STM32F GPIO emulation.

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Bug fixes

  • [#62] in certain conditions, like half-word or byte accesses, clearing the STM32F GPIO pins was not effective; the problem was identified as an erroneous persistence of the BRR/BSRR registers, and was fixed by disabling the persistence.

Known problems

  • Ctrl-C does not interrupt the execution if the --nographic option is used.


Binaries for Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux are provided.

Build notes

The GNU/Linux binaries were built on two CentOS 6 Docker images (32/64-bit), and run on any distribution based on CentOS 6 or later.

The Windows binaries were built with mingw-w64, and run on any reasonably recent i686 and x86_64 Windows machines.

Easy install

QEMU is also available as an xPack and can be conveniently installed with xpm:

xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/qemu@2.8.0-4.1

To install the latest version available, use:

xpm install --global @gnu-mcu-eclipse/qemu

Manual install

Instructions on how to install the binaries are available in the How to install the QEMU binaries? page.


The SHA-256 hashes for the files are:

177286aa8a5196e0b2a232c9a0ac8d4bfa7fd7ecfb70e374a4708449ee590f15 ?

1db493e73d4f7bb7d7553db3e855183fd1f918dcabb92459bc76c65fa45ca526 ?

b79a60284245c5c1cec5b49ea12d8fc8263fa5c71be1ffe63b326c0f9687da4e ?

6a6c831fadf15dff56d386b54b686e269c45413b5c932be1595af755785b87ed ?

a770a0cd726de338b983493141794ea6cb375eee58cbe66ff075d65e451d83a8 ?