Version 0.2.2 is a new development release of ilg-vscode.xpack; it adds IntelliSense support.


The VS Code xPack C/C++ Managed Build Extension is available as ilg-vscode.xpack from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

It can also be installed from a terminal:

code --install-extension ilg-vscode.xpack@0.2.2


The 0.2.2 release is generally compatible with previous releases.

Bug fixes

  • none


  • IntelliSense support was added via c_cpp_properties.json (making use of the ms-vscode.cmake-tools configuration provider); the new status bae entry is no longer needed and was disabled
  • generic template support was added by performing Liquid substitution, mainly to compute buildFolderRelativePath but also to show actions tooltips

Other changes

  • since the project grew, as recommended, webpack was used to pack all code into a single compact file

Known problems

  • npm picks package.json from xPack dependencies, which is generally not useful; the workaround is to add a property to settings.json:
"npm.exclude": "**/xpacks/**"

(fixed in 0.4.10)

Supported platforms

The ilg-vscode.xpack extension is fully portable and works on any platform supported by VS Code; internally it relies on xpm, which is also a portable application running on all platforms supported by npm/node.

However, for projects using binary xPacks, they are available mainly on the modern platforms, like Windows/macOS/Linux.

Final notes