The quick answer is to use the xPack forums; please select the correct forum.

Check the documentation

The xPack QEMU Arm provides the original documentation in the installed folders:

  • share/doc/pdf/qemu.pdf

Check the xPack Forums

Check the xPack Forums for similar problems.

Check the GitHub Issues

Check the GitHub Issues tracker for similar problems.

Contribute to the forums

If you still could not find a solution, if you have interesting use cases, if you have custom configurations, and generally if you have any experience that you want to share with others, use the xPack Forums, and enter a New Topic in the QEMU section.

Register a new support ticket

If you are convinced that you identified a bug related to the binary distribution, not QEMU itself (if you have doubts, use the forum), or you have a pertinent suggestion how to enhance the xPack QEMU Arm distribution, register a New Issue in the the GitHub Issues tracker.


Comments on the content of this page that might be useful for other readers are welcomed here. For question and general support, please use the project forums.