All RISC-V GCC toolchains, if built correctly, are able to generate both 32/64-bit code, based on -march and -mabi. Thus a single version is enough for all use cases.

For the moment the official RISC-V so called embedded toolchain is still more focused on running applications on emulators, more than on bare-metal platforms. Those emulated environments use system traps to communicate with the host, thus the libgloss library is implemented to terminate all POSIX system calls with ECALL, using a Unix-like API. These calls fail on a bare-metal platform, since there is no ECALL exception handler. To make things worse, the official RISC-V toolchain mandated the linker to include libgloss and there is no easy way to remove it.

The xPack GNU RISC-V Embedded GCC does not include libgloss in the builds; to differentiate between them, the prefix was changed, to make it closer to embedded use case.

For the moment RISC-V does not define an EABI (Embedded ABI) and uses the same Unix ABI for embedded applications too, thus -eabi- would not be accurate.


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