Tools issues

In case you encounter problems while using the xPack tools, please consider the following:

  • read carefully the documentation pages
  • check the release pages for Known issues
  • check the FAQ pages
  • check the forums for discussions on similar subjects
  • check the GitHub issues trackers for the specific project

Ask questions in the forums

If you still could not find a solution, if you have interesting use cases, if you have custom configurations, and generally if you have any experience that you want to share with others, please use the xPack forums, and be sure you select the right group/discussion.

Discuss live in the chat room

For live discussions between users, you can use the xPack chatroom. This may be a great way to share experience, but for support the forums are preferred.

Register a new support ticket only if necessary

If you are convinced that you identified a bug (if you have doubts, use the forums), or you have a pertinent suggestion how to enhance the xPack tools, please use the specific GitHub issues trackers.

Use of the Disqus comments

Most web pages have a Disqus comments section at the bottom. Comments and clarifications on the content of the web page that might be useful for other readers are welcomed there.

For question and general support, please use the xPack forums.

Web pages issues

If you discover problems in the content of these pages (typos, wrong phrasing, etc), or you have suggestions on how to improve the documentation, you can fork the web-jekyll.git project and send a Pull Request, or use the GitHub issues tracker.

Use of private e-mail

Sending private messages will be automatically replied with a link to this page. The reason for this rude behaviour is simply an attempt to use the time more efficiently; since forum posts are archived, other people having similar problems might benefit from the answers.

Comments on the content of this page that might be useful for other readers are welcomed here. For question and general support, please use the project forums.