• eCos - The embedded configurable operating system by Cygnus Solutions (Wikipedia)
  • Manual: The eCos Component Writer’s Guide, by Bart Veer and John Dallaway, published in 2001, available from eCos Documentation.
  • Book: Embedded software development with eCos, by Anthony J. Massa, published in 2003 at Prentice Hall, available from Amazon
  • Book: Software Build Systems: Principles and Experience, by Peter Smith, published in 2011 at Addison Wesley, available from Amazon
  • IEEE Std 830-1998: IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications, published in 1998
  • CMSIS-Pack - Arm mechanism to install software, device support, APIs, and example projects

Distribution management systems

IoT development environments

Build tools

For an exhaustive list, see Wikipedia.

  • Apache Maven (written in Java, XML configuration files)
  • SCons (configuration files are Python scripts)
  • RAKE - Ruby Make (tasks and dependencies in Ruby)
  • buildr - Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications
  • Gradle (written in Groovy)
  • CMake (written in C++; uses native builders like make)
  • Waf (a build tool written in Python)
  • GNU Make (the classical tool; hopeless for folders with spaces)

Continuous integration

For an exhaustive list see Wikipedia.

  • Hudson (the original Sun project, donated by Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation)
  • Jenkins (the more active fork, backed by the project creator)
  • Travis (the GitHub preferred solution, very good integration)

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