A binary distribution of WineHQ.

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User pages:

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The xPack WineHQ is a cross-platform binary distribution of the WineHQ project, an open source project hosted on GitLab.


The main advantages of using the xPack WineHQ are:

  • a convenient, uniform and portable install/uninstall/upgrade procedure
  • a better integration with development environments
  • a more convenient integration with CI environment

All binaries are self-contained, they include all required libraries, and can be installed in any location.


The xPack WineHQ is fully compatible with the original WineHQ distribution.


The details of installing the xPack WineHQ on various platforms are presented in the separate install page.


The current version specific WineHQ documentation is available online from:


For the various support options, please read the separate support page.

Change log

The release and change log is available in the repository CHANGELOG.md file.

Build details

For those interested in building the binaries, please read the README-MAINTAINER page. However, the ultimate source for details are the build scripts themselves, all available from the wine-xpack.git/scripts folder.


See the releases pages.