Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.


Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

Some time ago, while watching a TV documentary about Porsche, I heard this line and I liked it. If this is indeed one of the Porsche mottos, then thank you Porsche for it (and for the beautiful designs). (English: “Perfect is not good enough”)

The project

The xPack project received its name in 2017, but it actually originated in 2012, when it was named xcdl, and a Python experimental implementation of the eCos CDL was written.

The web site

The xPack project web site was created in October 2017, using a home grown GitHub-like theme; however, for a while there was not much content.

In June 2019 it was reworked to use a more elaborated theme, Jekyll Doc Theme 6.0 by Tom Johnson.

The author

This project is currently maintained by Liviu Ionescu, a senior computer engineer, with expertise in operating systems, compilers, embedded systems, RTOSes, build tools and Internet technologies.

He can be reached at <> (this email address is given for courtesy, for all correspondence related to this project please use the project support page).