xpm run [options...] [<action>] [-- <script args>]


  • run-action
  • rum
  • ru


This runs an action which is named sequence of shell commands, defined in the actions object in package.json.

  "name": "h1b",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "...": "...",
  "xpack": {
    "actions": {
      "deep-clean": [
        "rm -rf build xpacks node_modules package-lock.json",
        "rm -rf ${HOME}/Work/-[0-9]*-*"
      "install": [
        "npm install",
        "xpm install"
      "link-deps": [
        "xpm link @xpack-dev-tools/xbb-helper"
  "...": "..."

Options passed after the double dash separator are not processed but appended as is at the end of the command string, if there is only one command.


Before creating new processes to run the command, xpm run prepends xpacks/.bin:node_modules/.bin to the environment PATH.

For configuration specific actions, the build/<config>/xpacks/.bin is also prepended to PATH, giving priority to configuration dependencies.


Help (--help)

$ xpm run --help

xPack manager - run package/configuration specific action
Usage: xpm run [options...] [--config <config_name>] [--dry-run]
               [<action>] [-- <action_args>]
  <action>                   The name of the action/script (optional)
  <action_args>...           Extra arguments for the action (optional, multiple)

Run options:
  -c|--config <config_name>  Run the configuration specific action (optional)
  -n|--dry-run               Pretend to run the action (optional)

Common options:
  --loglevel <level>         Set log level (silent|warn|info|verbose|debug|trace)
  -s|--silent                Disable all messages (--loglevel silent)
  -q|--quiet                 Mostly quiet, warnings and errors (--loglevel warn)
  --informative              Informative (--loglevel info)
  -v|--verbose               Verbose (--loglevel verbose)
  -d|--debug                 Debug messages (--loglevel debug)
  -dd|--trace                Trace messages (--loglevel trace, -d -d)
  --no-update-notifier       Skip check for a more recent version
  -C <folder>                Set current folder

xpm -h|--help                Quick help
xpm --version                Show version
xpm -i|--interactive         Enter interactive mode

npm xpm@0.9.0 '/Users/ilg/.nvm/versions/node/v14.16.0/lib/node_modules/xpm'
Home page: <https://xpack.github.io/xpm/>
Bug reports: <https://github.com/xpack/xpm-js/issues/>

Configuration (-c|--config)

Run actions associated with an existing configuration instead of actions defined for the entire project.

Dry-run (-n|--dry-run)

Do everything except to actually run the action.