The VS Code xPack C/C++ Managed Build Extension is available as ilg-vscode.xpack from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.


Briefly, to install xpm, the command is:

npm install --global xpm@latest

If this command fails and requires sudo, it means npm is not installed correctly; it is recommended to reinstall node/npm via nvm, the npm version manager, as documented in the prerequisites page.

Install the VS Code extension

The ilg-vscode.xpack extension can be installed directly from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace

On the side bar, select the Extensions view and enter xpack in the search field:

Install VS code xPack

Install as usual; the xPack extension should also bring in some dependencies:

VS code xPack dependencies

For those who prefer a command line approach, the xPack extension can also be installed in a terminal:

code --install-extension ilg-vscode.xpack

Configuring the xPack extension

The extension has several configuration options.



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